Samuel Bundz, MD Samuel Bundz, MD
Samuel Bundz, MD Samuel Bundz, MD

Dr. Samuel Bundz, M.D. is Board Certified in General, Vascular, Thoracic Surgeon Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery.

What does this mean?

To be certified by the American Board of Surgery means that the surgeon has met a standard in surgery by fulfilling specified educational, evaluation and examination requirements.

Since 1976, the American Board of Surgery has issued certificates that are valid for ten years. Once certified, the surgeon who wishes to maintain certified status upon expiration of the original certificate must complete a recertification process which includes a review of credentials to determine if the surgeon has continued surgical education, is respected by peers and is active in the practice of surgery. Successful completion of a written examination completes the recertification process. Upon satisfactory completion of the recertification process, the surgeon's certification is extended for another ten years.

The ABS also awards certification in Pediatric Surgery, Surgery of the Hand, Surgical Critical Care and Vascular Surgery. Certification in these areas requires at least one additional year of education, endorsement by the program director, peer review, and an examination process similar to initial certification.

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